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I caved

It was a tortuous morning..like being pinned against a wall as it flaunted all of its wonderful, indulgent qualities.. I fought the urge for over 2 hours. I knew I should have left it home, but it called to me as I was leaving this morning, and my body was weak today..to weak to fight against this powerful evil.  So I gave in..and I ate that huge chocolate chip cookie at 9:30 IN THE MORNING…and it was soooo good.

All kidding aside, is it Just me that wants to eat like crazy all day at my desk job?  I really think it’s boredom, even though I’m busy. I know I hate coming here everyday. I am tired of the battle that waits here at the office everyday. I’m tired of the repetitive hum drum.  The only thing that keeps me going is it’s a paycheck. Does anyone else agree?


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Perhaps the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet, im not sure, but my head is pounding this morning.  I’m wondering what was I thinking when I started this blog yesterday.  I’m excited to write here, don’t get me wrong…But im afraid I wont be able to keep up. 

My head was spinning around the thoughts this morning as I perused other wonderful blogs.  I work full-time as an accounting admin (It’s just for a check). I am a mother of 2 (3.5 years and 7.5 months), I am a wife, and I am trying to write a book and read the Twilight series, amongst all the other daily activities that fills up life. But I also feel if I don’t do this, that I am missing out on something BIG…I feel the time is now, divide and conquer, right?

And so begins a new day!

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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I am very excited to make my first post…Im a virgin to blogging, I have no idea what im doing, I’m scared with all sorts of I don’t know’s and what if’s. Do I have to be clever to blog? Does my blog have to pertain to a certain subject? What if I’m boring? Oh so many things run through my mind. 

I really just wanted to use this blog to express my day-to-day struggles in finding out who Fraha Vatral really is, and what does Fraha Vatral most want out of life.  How will I use my God-given talents today, and for the rest of my life.  How will these talents impact my family’s life and the current non significant job I go to 5 days a week to earn a dollar and support my family. In the end…will I be proud of my accomplishments, and be able to say I did everything I wanted to in the way God would want me to do it?

Here forward goes my journey-Welcome to my life


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