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To add to my original post “Don’t Throw it Away”. We believe our oldest son might become a hoarder one day. Poor kid, he freaks out if we throw anything away. His concern for the strangest of things recently was my husbands old holy socks.

The other day my husband was sorting through the freshly washed whites taking notice of the many socks that have suffered long enough finally giving way to holes. So Eric sorted them in keep and toss piles, though he typically keeps them and reuses them for polishing or what not. Just as Nicholas walked into our conversation of getting rid of the old socks, he looked to us nervously, “Are you throwing them away?” Us, looking at each other, then back to Nicholas, “yes Nick, daddy is getting rid of the bad socks.” The look of fear still in his big brown eyes, “but why are they bad?”  Preparing for a long conversation about holy socks, “they have holes in the toes and heals Nick. Daddy can’t wear them anymore.” He really didn’t say anything past that, surprisingly, but he clearly was concerned that we were cleaning out the old socks. Maybe he thought we were going to throw out some of his favorite character socks. This began the hoarding thoughts. I hope we are not creating a hoarder.

Earlier today we were tidying up the garage and the rest of the yard, getting ready for the, dare I say the “S” word, SNOW! And I came across a very weathered, sad hula hoop. I decided to toss it. Just as I walked this poor sad previous circle of joy to the garbage, who was on my tail? Nicholas. Chasing behind me, “What are you doing with the hula hoop mommy?” Me, trying to keep ahead of him, so I don’t have to look him in his deep brown eyes, “I’m gonna throw it out Nick, its falling apart buddy.” “It’s not falling apart, I want it.” Nick grabs it from my hands. Me taking a deep breath, preparing for the fight, “Look Nick, see its peeling and falling apart.” Nick sputtering and pleading, “but I’m going to play with it, I want to keep it.” Me, giving a little, I will let you play with it right now, but we will throw it out later. I will buy a new one next year.” Thinking that would save me.

Later, when the adults forgot about the hula hoop that’s out of sight out of mind, who reminds us? Nicholas.  Proud of himself he asks his dad, “Did you find the hula hoop?” Daddy says, “No, where did you put it?” Nicholas smiling from ear to ear, “I snuck out front, and put it in the trash.” In our minds, rule #1 outside, Nick is not allowed out front without us, so Daddy looks out front, “well I don’t see it out there, are you sure you didn’t hide it?” Nicholas still smiling from ear to ear, “No, the garbage men must have taken it.” Well, we knew it was somewhere around the house. Tonight, when Eric took out the trash he searched the yard for the missing hula hoop, where was it hiding? In Nicholas’s club house. Daddy left it there for him, to spare the over dramatized reaction of the 4-year-old losing his very weathered beat up hula hoop, as if it were a prized possession. Will Nick’s clubhouse become the hoarding hot spot? Maybe the holy socks will end up there too, or the pillow we threw out from my original post.

To be continued…..


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