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It’s the weekend and of course I have a variety of things to catch up on, a laundry list of items if you will that I wanted to do today including laundry.image

The weekend is really the best time for me to write while my younger son Noah naps. Typically this does not allow much time for me. And sometimes if my brain is not sucked dry by nights bedtime I focus some more time to writing. I like to at least write one blog post a week, and two posts are wonderful.

Today, Noah was not feeling well and napped for quite a while, and I was able to keep my older son happy with food since he was “starving” as usual, and a new movieimage />

So I worked on some future blog posts, and perused some FP posts. And I managed to work in a little time on the first chapter of a novel that I have been writing, rewriting and thinking about for a while now.. But there was the laundry list again.

Somehow I remembered to run the dishwasher, as I always forget, and I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard of baby items we no longer use so that I could squeeze in the super huge packs of paper towels and toilet paper purchased at Sam’s Club.

Then after eating leftover pizza and a cupcake I decided it was time to work out, amongst the dirty cluttered basement. The dusty chandelier hanging in front of my tread climber. It’s not very motivational or inspirational down there, but I decided if I were going to continue to enjoy carbs and sweets from time to time, or daily, then I better get some exercise in to counter act the sugar spreading to existing troubled areas.image


After showering from my work out. I woke the sleeping child. Call me crazy, but the boy had been sleeping for 4 hours, which is unheard of here. So naturally I was starting to get worried since he was not feeling well. And the poor boy was so lethargic he just watched me from his crib while I put away clothes and changed my bed sheets “clean sheets day”. I then changed Noah’s clothes only for him to throw up after we got down stairs. After I moved him to a dry location on the couch, and cleaned the infected area he threw up again thus repeating the cycle and a few more loads of laundry.

So instead of the meatloaf that I wanted to make for dinner, I settled for a grilled cheese, and sat with my sick boy while he watched Toy Story until we all nodded off.

Have a great weekend blogging friends.


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Yesterday was an evening of cleaning the house, basically picking up after the children. We have a 4-year-old, and 1-year-old. Noah my sweet angel 1-year-old son, is the biggest mess maker ever! He constantly carries items from room to room and drops them off as he finds something more interesting to play with, then changes rooms again.

My hubby Eric was doing a thorough cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, lifting couches and moving furniture to see what treasures lied beneath.  Of course we found Noah’s blueberry traveler waffle that ended up under the ottoman from the morning. We thought he ate this much to quickly, but one never knows. Shockingly this treasure was not found by the dog.

Cleaning led to the ottoman next which NOT to our surprise was full of food particles, cereal, cracker crumbs, ect…. A bowl here, toys there, toys with missing pieces. And how many fast food restaurant toys does one child need to play with (embarrassed that I guess we have eaten at these places often enough to collect so many toys).

Eric and I have a system while cleaning like a cleaning sign language. We like to throw away all the little broken toys and the Happy meal toys when the kids aren’t looking, and of course this has to be done in secret stealth mode. Don’t dare let the kids see you take the toy and throw it away. Eric and I give each other the secret glare with a nod showing the toy in our hand then either handing it off or making a dash, bounding and maneuvering around the toy obstacles all the way to the garbage. We secretly have to hide the stolen goods within the trash, as this would be devastating to your 4-year-old to see his broken and or cheap toys on top of the garbage pile. Lucky, I don’t think anything that we have ever trashed was remembered by our little ones, probably because they have WAY to many toys.

So throwing away broken and or cheap toys is one thing, but I was sitting with my Nicholas last night, and hubby brings to me the old beat up fringed decorative pillow from our family room. Hubby plops this pathetic ripped, drooled on pillow in front of me. The poor pillow was so distressed it was losing its fringe. Hubby says, “can we finally get rid of this pillow, it is ripped from end to end”. Nicholas looks to us with panic in his eyes, waiting for my response. I say “Yes just get rid of it, this pillow is old and beyond repair”. Here’s Nicholas, sobbing “NO! Don’t throw it away, I love that pillow, but why are you going to throw it away?” Me, “Nick honey, this is just a pillow, and it is badly ripped, It’s time to let it go.”

I never thought my son would ball over us throwing away a decorative pillow. God forbid one day his pillow pet bites the dust!

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