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It’s the weekend and of course I have a variety of things to catch up on, a laundry list of items if you will that I wanted to do today including laundry.image

The weekend is really the best time for me to write while my younger son Noah naps. Typically this does not allow much time for me. And sometimes if my brain is not sucked dry by nights bedtime I focus some more time to writing. I like to at least write one blog post a week, and two posts are wonderful.

Today, Noah was not feeling well and napped for quite a while, and I was able to keep my older son happy with food since he was “starving” as usual, and a new movieimage />

So I worked on some future blog posts, and perused some FP posts. And I managed to work in a little time on the first chapter of a novel that I have been writing, rewriting and thinking about for a while now.. But there was the laundry list again.

Somehow I remembered to run the dishwasher, as I always forget, and I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard of baby items we no longer use so that I could squeeze in the super huge packs of paper towels and toilet paper purchased at Sam’s Club.

Then after eating leftover pizza and a cupcake I decided it was time to work out, amongst the dirty cluttered basement. The dusty chandelier hanging in front of my tread climber. It’s not very motivational or inspirational down there, but I decided if I were going to continue to enjoy carbs and sweets from time to time, or daily, then I better get some exercise in to counter act the sugar spreading to existing troubled areas.image


After showering from my work out. I woke the sleeping child. Call me crazy, but the boy had been sleeping for 4 hours, which is unheard of here. So naturally I was starting to get worried since he was not feeling well. And the poor boy was so lethargic he just watched me from his crib while I put away clothes and changed my bed sheets “clean sheets day”. I then changed Noah’s clothes only for him to throw up after we got down stairs. After I moved him to a dry location on the couch, and cleaned the infected area he threw up again thus repeating the cycle and a few more loads of laundry.

So instead of the meatloaf that I wanted to make for dinner, I settled for a grilled cheese, and sat with my sick boy while he watched Toy Story until we all nodded off.

Have a great weekend blogging friends.


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I wish you all a happy Easter on this blessed Sunday. I am so thankful for the wonderful family and friends that God has placed in my life. I am blessed that Nick has informed me that Jesus died on the cross and rose on Easter morning, and now he’s in heaven with God. I LOVE that he knows about God and Jesus, thank you Saint Peters School and church.


We have had so much fun this week planning for the Easter bunny’s visit. On Friday, Nick and I dyed eggs. They turned out so cute and we both had fun decorating them.



We had a nice Easter dinner with my mom’s side of the family and my Grandmother at her nursing home on Saturday. And the kids had a blast playing together.


Nick was up early this morning checking out his and Noah’s gifts left by the Easter bunny. Both of the boys had a great morning with their new toys and getting all sugared up on sweet treats.




We will finish up our day at my in laws house. My mother in law Beverly always makes such wonderful holiday meals. She is planning an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and I know she will just spoil them which makes her so happy. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful family.

Have a happy Easter everyone.

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Today there was plenty of family Detroit Zoo fun in the sun and tons of animals out enjoying the 80+ degree March weather. The first animals that we encountered were pretty adorable.

Oh wait, those are my animals, I mean children. But in my defense, they are pretty adorable and act like animals most of the time. Nick and Noah had a blast today. Little did they know that they would wake up and be surprised with a “hookey” day from school/daycare. Nick was so excited when we told him we were going to the zoo.

We got ready and packed up to be at the zoo right at 10am when they opened, avoiding the crowds that were sure to fill up by the afternoon. It was a great day for us all to play hookey from school and work.

Our first stop in the zoo was the butterfly house, my favorite spot. The butterfly house is a beautiful humid sunny garden, just perfect for the fluttering colorful butterflies. I could sit

and watch them flutter forever; my kids on the other hand, not so much. Nick with his zoo map was guiding our every step.

The Zoo is a wonderful place for a stroll. There are several gardens and free-standing art pieces to look at throughout the whole zoo.

It is always a joy to see the animals and see your childs face light up in reaction to exotic and even the more common animals.

Needless to say, today was a great day to enjoy the outdoors at the Detroit Zoo with my favorite boys.

Here are some of the other photogenic animals of the zoo today.

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I started following a wonderful blog http://deborah-bryan.com/ “The Monster in Your Closet” and as I read Deborah’s post http://deborah-bryan.com/2012/02/18/mommy-guilt-thou-art-mine-nemesis/ about feeling guilty for leaving your children for various reasons, I was reminded of the second and last time that I had to leave my older son for a couple of days and how heartbreaking this can be for a parent as your “mommy guilt” that Deborah explains takes over your every thought.

June 22nd, Not just an ordinary day. No, this day I was induced to have my precious Noah. In fact June was not an ordinary month. Not only were we anxiously awaiting Noah’s arrival, our first son Nicholas was only a couple of days from turning 3 on June 26th. I was prepared to have the boys share a birthday party every year; I was excited for that actually as a cost saver. But I wasn’t prepared to almost miss Nicholas’s 3rd birthday. It’s not like he fully understood his birthday yet, but this is where the mommy guilt creeps in, and squeezes your heart, and whispers stories into your ears about all the things your child is missing, and what if this, and what if that. I felt like he was being cheated out of a million dollars. We had given him an early June birthday party, but plainly we didn’t go all out like we had the prior two years. Mentally and physically I was exhausted at my 9th month of being pregnant, It was summer, I had worked full-time, and I worried that Noah was going to come along early. My mind was there but standing in the distance, out of sight. I am sure at almost 3 years old Nick was fully satisfied with his birthday party, but again that guilt crept in and pulled at my heart-strings.

In walks the preparation guilt. We tried to prepare Nick about our stay at the hospital when his baby brother was to be born. We were very lucky that Grammy Vatral was able to come and stay with Nick during this time. Nick adores his Grammy and this seemed to please him. He seemed to understand as much as his 3-year-old mind could allow for, so we hoped for a smooth transition. When we received the word that I was to be induced, of course my heart and mind were flooded with so many happy and sad thoughts, and of course “guilt” was present, poking her pointy shoes at my eyes; release the floods. We had talked through our every step and routine with Nick that day as much as possible. We were reassuring Nicholas that Grammy was going to take great care of him, and she and him would have so much fun together. And when his baby brother was born daddy would come home to get him so he could meet his baby Noah. This day was a little bit harder for Nick. He was excited, but also showing his separation anxiety. I remember after Eric’s mom arrived we sat on the couch to go over routines and just talk about the baby coming, and in walks Nicholas still looking so much like my little baby, still growing into his little body with his beautiful wide brown eyes, carrying his little Toy Story metal lunchbox filled with a shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks. “I’m ready to go mommy” Nicholas so confidently said.

I had to hold back my tears and remain strong. I just grabbed him and held him tightly. “Oh Nicholas, I love you. But remember, we said you have to stay with Grammy when we go to the hospital.”

He started welling up with tears and stuck out his gorgeous red pouty lips “But I want to come too.”

Telling myself to be strong, how do you not cry when your child is breaking your heart. I reassured him that as soon as Noah was born he could come and see his baby brother and mommy. I just held him and it was time to go. We had to leave for the hospital. I thought quickly about what would make him happy and entertain him so we could slip out of the house. I told him Grammy would be happy to pull out the playdoe and play with him, he shot right up with excitement. He no longer worried about us leaving, or about his packed overnight lunchbox. No, he worried about how quickly Grammy could get the palydoe out of the closet. Who knew playdoe would be our saviour that day. Although I admit I felt replaced when he very quickly changed his mind about needing me so badly. It’s crazy how our “mommy” mind works. Needless to say, I pushed guilt to the sidelines knowing Nicky was temporarily happy with playdoe.

The inducement took longer than we had hoped but Noah finally arrived on June 23rd, just 3 days from his big brothers birthday. I was relieved to finally have Noah, as any mother would know at the end of the pregnancy you just want it over. I was anxious to see my new baby’s little face and his features. The whole 9 months you wonder about this little life growing within you. But at the same time I was filled with sadness to leave Nicholas. Filled with guilt that I wasn’t at the house while he slept, that I wasn’t there when he woke. I didn’t want him to feel replaced by his baby brother. Would he know that he is a sparkle in our eyes just as much as his shiny new brother? I feared how much he might miss us while we were away, and we couldn’t just come home to reassure him. And I think most of all I felt horrible for leaving him when his birthday was only days away. Would I be able to go home before his birthday, so that I could be there when he woke, so that I could give him his birthday hug and kiss?

Knowing that I was doing well after Noah’s birth, I was able to be home on Friday the 25th, just in time to celebrate Nicholas’s Birthday the next day. I can never forget the look on Nicholas’s face when he walked into my hospital room with that very same lunchbox, and his wide brilliant brown eyes. He was hesitant to come near me when he saw me laying in the hospital bed, but I coaxed him over to give me a hug and meet his new brother. I saw Nicholas so differently that day. He no longer looked like my little baby that I left with Grammy the night before. He was a little boy, and I was holding his baby brother.  I couldn’t believe how much I thought he was still a baby before I left, and how much that day I saw him as a little boy, while he told me about his stay with Grammy, and how much he loved his brother. My heart melted to see that he was just as in love with Noah as we were. And I knew at that moment all that worry was for nothing. Nick was fine, he had a blast with Grammy, and he was so happy to have a new brother for his birthday. And guilt, well she had to crawl back to that dark place that she came from, because the happiness in our lives that day was far to great to worry about the what ifs.

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So the other day I was strolling through the freshly pressed and stumbled into MotherLovely Blog “Love List” http://motherlovely.com/2012/01/23/love-list.  Shannon has some beautiful ideas and pictures and her “Love List” post was about being thankful for all the wonderful whimsical things you have around your home, so I decided I was going to go home and work from her post to find all the wonderful things I wanted to take a picture of and share with you all, so as I strolled through the rooms in my house this was the whimsy I was met with.

 Check out all of my whimsy. Tell me you are jealous of my colorful decorations so strategically placed. I have to admit I work with two awesome decorators. They don’t charge much except food, drink and an occasional cuddle. Though I should pose a few warnings with this free style decorating.

-The whimsical style of free spirit decorating may cause tripping, stumbling, and foot contusions.

-The decorations may easily be lost under couches and other large furniture.

-The decorations are on rotation and will be moved from room to room.

-You may threaten the decorators with a garbage bag full of their decor and a toss to the curb if they get out of control with decorating.

-The decorators may become crabby if you move or clean up their decorations.

-You should consult a professional before allowing the free spirit decorators to take over your home.

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I thought this was funny..I celebrated my 24th birthday 10 years ago. However, tonight on my 34th birthday, Nicholas wanted me to have candles on my cake, so daddy was able to rustle up a 2 and a 4 from Nicks past birthday parties. So I recelebrated my 24th birthday tonight, only I don’t seem to feel that young and I think the cake went right to my hips..dang

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We had a casualty tonight. Poor Woody lost his head in a slip and fall. Nicholas is devasted and I’m sure sleep time will be interesting tonight with a headless Woody.  RIP Cowboy.

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