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So the other day I was strolling through the freshly pressed and stumbled into MotherLovely Blog “Love List” http://motherlovely.com/2012/01/23/love-list.  Shannon has some beautiful ideas and pictures and her “Love List” post was about being thankful for all the wonderful whimsical things you have around your home, so I decided I was going to go home and work from her post to find all the wonderful things I wanted to take a picture of and share with you all, so as I strolled through the rooms in my house this was the whimsy I was met with.

 Check out all of my whimsy. Tell me you are jealous of my colorful decorations so strategically placed. I have to admit I work with two awesome decorators. They don’t charge much except food, drink and an occasional cuddle. Though I should pose a few warnings with this free style decorating.

-The whimsical style of free spirit decorating may cause tripping, stumbling, and foot contusions.

-The decorations may easily be lost under couches and other large furniture.

-The decorations are on rotation and will be moved from room to room.

-You may threaten the decorators with a garbage bag full of their decor and a toss to the curb if they get out of control with decorating.

-The decorators may become crabby if you move or clean up their decorations.

-You should consult a professional before allowing the free spirit decorators to take over your home.


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