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Today there was plenty of family Detroit Zoo fun in the sun and tons of animals out enjoying the 80+ degree March weather. The first animals that we encountered were pretty adorable.

Oh wait, those are my animals, I mean children. But in my defense, they are pretty adorable and act like animals most of the time. Nick and Noah had a blast today. Little did they know that they would wake up and be surprised with a “hookey” day from school/daycare. Nick was so excited when we told him we were going to the zoo.

We got ready and packed up to be at the zoo right at 10am when they opened, avoiding the crowds that were sure to fill up by the afternoon. It was a great day for us all to play hookey from school and work.

Our first stop in the zoo was the butterfly house, my favorite spot. The butterfly house is a beautiful humid sunny garden, just perfect for the fluttering colorful butterflies. I could sit

and watch them flutter forever; my kids on the other hand, not so much. Nick with his zoo map was guiding our every step.

The Zoo is a wonderful place for a stroll. There are several gardens and free-standing art pieces to look at throughout the whole zoo.

It is always a joy to see the animals and see your childs face light up in reaction to exotic and even the more common animals.

Needless to say, today was a great day to enjoy the outdoors at the Detroit Zoo with my favorite boys.

Here are some of the other photogenic animals of the zoo today.


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We had a casualty tonight. Poor Woody lost his head in a slip and fall. Nicholas is devasted and I’m sure sleep time will be interesting tonight with a headless Woody.  RIP Cowboy.

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The White Stuff


I guess we are finally receiving our Detroit Michigan snow today. The weather this season has been quite strange with hardly a drop of snow and mild temperatures. I’m not sure if this snow is suppose to equate to very much,but by the looks of it falling my son should be happy for some winter playtime outside.

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To add to my original post “Don’t Throw it Away”. We believe our oldest son might become a hoarder one day. Poor kid, he freaks out if we throw anything away. His concern for the strangest of things recently was my husbands old holy socks.

The other day my husband was sorting through the freshly washed whites taking notice of the many socks that have suffered long enough finally giving way to holes. So Eric sorted them in keep and toss piles, though he typically keeps them and reuses them for polishing or what not. Just as Nicholas walked into our conversation of getting rid of the old socks, he looked to us nervously, “Are you throwing them away?” Us, looking at each other, then back to Nicholas, “yes Nick, daddy is getting rid of the bad socks.” The look of fear still in his big brown eyes, “but why are they bad?”  Preparing for a long conversation about holy socks, “they have holes in the toes and heals Nick. Daddy can’t wear them anymore.” He really didn’t say anything past that, surprisingly, but he clearly was concerned that we were cleaning out the old socks. Maybe he thought we were going to throw out some of his favorite character socks. This began the hoarding thoughts. I hope we are not creating a hoarder.

Earlier today we were tidying up the garage and the rest of the yard, getting ready for the, dare I say the “S” word, SNOW! And I came across a very weathered, sad hula hoop. I decided to toss it. Just as I walked this poor sad previous circle of joy to the garbage, who was on my tail? Nicholas. Chasing behind me, “What are you doing with the hula hoop mommy?” Me, trying to keep ahead of him, so I don’t have to look him in his deep brown eyes, “I’m gonna throw it out Nick, its falling apart buddy.” “It’s not falling apart, I want it.” Nick grabs it from my hands. Me taking a deep breath, preparing for the fight, “Look Nick, see its peeling and falling apart.” Nick sputtering and pleading, “but I’m going to play with it, I want to keep it.” Me, giving a little, I will let you play with it right now, but we will throw it out later. I will buy a new one next year.” Thinking that would save me.

Later, when the adults forgot about the hula hoop that’s out of sight out of mind, who reminds us? Nicholas.  Proud of himself he asks his dad, “Did you find the hula hoop?” Daddy says, “No, where did you put it?” Nicholas smiling from ear to ear, “I snuck out front, and put it in the trash.” In our minds, rule #1 outside, Nick is not allowed out front without us, so Daddy looks out front, “well I don’t see it out there, are you sure you didn’t hide it?” Nicholas still smiling from ear to ear, “No, the garbage men must have taken it.” Well, we knew it was somewhere around the house. Tonight, when Eric took out the trash he searched the yard for the missing hula hoop, where was it hiding? In Nicholas’s club house. Daddy left it there for him, to spare the over dramatized reaction of the 4-year-old losing his very weathered beat up hula hoop, as if it were a prized possession. Will Nick’s clubhouse become the hoarding hot spot? Maybe the holy socks will end up there too, or the pillow we threw out from my original post.

To be continued…..

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Yesterday was an evening of cleaning the house, basically picking up after the children. We have a 4-year-old, and 1-year-old. Noah my sweet angel 1-year-old son, is the biggest mess maker ever! He constantly carries items from room to room and drops them off as he finds something more interesting to play with, then changes rooms again.

My hubby Eric was doing a thorough cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, lifting couches and moving furniture to see what treasures lied beneath.  Of course we found Noah’s blueberry traveler waffle that ended up under the ottoman from the morning. We thought he ate this much to quickly, but one never knows. Shockingly this treasure was not found by the dog.

Cleaning led to the ottoman next which NOT to our surprise was full of food particles, cereal, cracker crumbs, ect…. A bowl here, toys there, toys with missing pieces. And how many fast food restaurant toys does one child need to play with (embarrassed that I guess we have eaten at these places often enough to collect so many toys).

Eric and I have a system while cleaning like a cleaning sign language. We like to throw away all the little broken toys and the Happy meal toys when the kids aren’t looking, and of course this has to be done in secret stealth mode. Don’t dare let the kids see you take the toy and throw it away. Eric and I give each other the secret glare with a nod showing the toy in our hand then either handing it off or making a dash, bounding and maneuvering around the toy obstacles all the way to the garbage. We secretly have to hide the stolen goods within the trash, as this would be devastating to your 4-year-old to see his broken and or cheap toys on top of the garbage pile. Lucky, I don’t think anything that we have ever trashed was remembered by our little ones, probably because they have WAY to many toys.

So throwing away broken and or cheap toys is one thing, but I was sitting with my Nicholas last night, and hubby brings to me the old beat up fringed decorative pillow from our family room. Hubby plops this pathetic ripped, drooled on pillow in front of me. The poor pillow was so distressed it was losing its fringe. Hubby says, “can we finally get rid of this pillow, it is ripped from end to end”. Nicholas looks to us with panic in his eyes, waiting for my response. I say “Yes just get rid of it, this pillow is old and beyond repair”. Here’s Nicholas, sobbing “NO! Don’t throw it away, I love that pillow, but why are you going to throw it away?” Me, “Nick honey, this is just a pillow, and it is badly ripped, It’s time to let it go.”

I never thought my son would ball over us throwing away a decorative pillow. God forbid one day his pillow pet bites the dust!

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