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I remember, my sister Wendy and I were not the closest siblings growing up. The age difference of 7 years was much to blame for that. We had moments of fun playtime together when she was younger. I remember cooking together on the kitchen play set and making playdoe food. She would play Barbie’s with me even after I cut the hair off of one of her favorite Barbie dolls; Brooke Shields. We climbed the apple trees together and ate veggies out of the garden in our outdoor picnics. We were buddies on our vacations. But there came a day when she was older, and playtime with me was not her favorite thing any more. She was a teenager, with teenage girlfriends, and posters of teen heart throbs plastered on her walls; I’m sure Scott Baio was one of them. Makeup, music, Frisco from General Hospital, The Facts of Life TV show and 21 Jump Street were her favorite things, and I was the little sister that just got in the way. Wendy and her girlfriends had a secret language, not for little girls like myself to understand. The gap in our ages brought disconnect to our relationship for a few years until I caught up and matured. But even with the age gap, Wendy always filled the big sister role and protected me when she needed to. She is the one person that truly knows me for me. Today, a week after she celebrated her 41st birthday, I call my big sister my best friend, and I thank God for blessing me with her.

I need Wendy in my life as much as she has needed me, especially through her rough past year. She has uncovered strength that she never knew she had. She has pushed herself to the outer limits and started schooling for a better future for her and her children. She stood tall and faced fear dead in the eyes and made choices for her life, choices she would have never wanted to make, but had to. She is the new face of a strong beautiful woman, and I admire her. She is now rebuilding her life as a single mother, and I know in time she will know the choices she made were right for her and her family. For now I just want her to know how much I love her, and how much she means to me. My sister Wendy is my best friend. Thank you Wendy for all the fun that we have had over the years, for allowing me, your little sister to give you advice and support, and thank you for always supporting me. Today I celebrate you, and I welcome the many new memories and adventures that we will create in the future.


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