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God Given Dream

I am feeling a renewed energy towards my talents that God has blessed me with.

Negative energy was pouring over me tonight. The negative people in my life were affecting my thoughts, and I stopped. I brought God back into my sight. God cleansed me with positivity as I let Him take the reins. He will guide my destination as I put my trust into Him. Nothing nor any person can take from me what God has blessed me with.

God has reassured me a life of happiness if I follow His path. You can not run nor forget your God-given dream. Your talent was placed in you before you were born. God wants us to use our potentials. He has placed something great in each of us.

When an idea, a vision is pouring from your soul do not ignore it. No matter your circumstance, find a way to use your talents, for this was why you were created.

Have a blessed day!


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