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So this blog post may sound like I am picking on our temporary Accounting Admin. But I assure you, he would drive anyone one of you crazy with his musical butt and repetitive questions. And for purposes of concealing his identity we will call him Trevor in this post in honor of my co-worker who couldn’t remember his name and calls him Trevor.

These are the temporary helpers don’ts, if you want to be considered for the job hire.

1. No matter how musically talented you are, do not pull out your musical butt flute. Seriously, how you can pass gas (loudly) in a room with 3 other people sitting around you in cubicles and not bat an eyelash at your own smelly farts and continue to work with those same people daily, is beyond me. I guess cudos for carrying through the embarrassment?

2. When you claim to have a degree from an Accounting school, please show me that you know something about accounting. And the fact that your over confidence to prove that you knew how to do bank reconciliations while leaving unreconciled items open without question, try again.

3. When you are handed an automatic debit form that defines the debiting vendor as Consumers Energy, and the account name that the vendor is debiting from as XYZ, would you think to look up XYZ as the vendor to pay or Consumers Energy? Hmmm, Trevor chose XYZ – example below:

Account Name: XYZ                        Date:01/05/12

Account#111111111111                  Amount Debited: $50.00

Payment Info: Consumers Energy 12345678 blah blah blah

4. Temp “There is no address on this check for me to mail it?”

Accountant “Here is the address and please write on the envelope Attention to xxxx”

Temp (silent stare before dumb chimes in) “Where do I write the Attention to on the envelope?”


5. When you are asked “do you understand?” don’t say yes, then come ask me to clarify AGAIN five minutes later, then 20 minutes after that or the next day!

6. In conjunction to #5, You are giving us the heebie jeebies from your creepy pacing/swaying at your desk and constant head scratching, probably due to fear of repeating the same damn questions you have asked over and over. Hello McFly…

7. Personal Hygiene. As if the musical butt flute was not enough. Your body odor and styrofoam container lunches sitting on your desk all day, has caused me to buy and strategically place an air freshener posed as a force field to your stench. Also, there is a simple tool we use to clean our mouths it’s called a tooth brush, you should invest in one. and lastly smooth some water and a come over your hair as to not show the pillow indents and smudges around your head.

Oh there are many more “dont’s” that I am sure I locked away to protect my sanity, but I think I will end it here for now. Please feel free to share your stories of office nightmares. This one has been a doozie.


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