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Santa’s footprints are fresh on the carpet. Remnants of cookies, cakes and chocolates linger. Tiny bits of paper and bows are still stuck to boxes, gifts and my carpet. Christmas dinner leftovers are in the icebox. Brand new toys have been cleaned up and re scattered. The house is a wreck from a whirlwind of holiday festivities, but I still have my beautiful tree to look at. The warm glow of the lights in the evening dusk give way to warm thoughts and new memories as I Iook forward to the New Year.

I enjoy my tree till the New Year, after all, it is still the holidays. And then I am happy to take the tree down and move forward into the blustery long winter awaiting the first signs of spring. March waiting…and still into April…waiting. However, there are so many people that I have noticed on Facebook today that were so eager to tear down their decorations. I know some people religiously take the tree down right away after Christmas, but it seems this was all I was hearing about this relaxing, unwinding DAY AFTER Christmas.

Our family has always celebrated into the New Year with our tree up. Has our society become so rushed that we can’t enjoy and relax with our beautiful decor for a few days after Christmas? I always feel so rushed the entire month of December and it saddens me that Christmas passes us so fast. I always feel I missed something, a smile, a laugh, a surprise, or perhaps I just didn’t relax enough to enjoy my family, and when it’s all said and done, at the least I can hope to catch a few more memories at the tree with my boys before I have to take it down. Here I sit this evening by the glow of my Christmas tree, my boys fast asleep, and me and hubby clicking away at our computers sipping some wine, and relaxing.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


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Apple of my eye

Do you have any fall traditions that you and your family or friends partake in? Honestly I can’t see how life would be any better without a tradition or two. What fond memories to share for a lifetime and pass on to your future generations.

Ah, the apple of my eye. This was our recent trip to Blake’s Apple Orchard in Armada Michigan. What a beautiful day we had as a family, a little windy but sunny and fun.
When this little guy was one years old in 2008 we started going to the apple orchard in which would become our yearly fall trip as a family to pick apples and pumpkins and of course eat all the warm donuts and cider one could scarf before belly aching. And what about those caramel and candy apples, yum!
Nicholas was too cute at one years old, his first experience at the orchard. We walked down the isles of apple trees. Nick always had two apples, one in each hand the whole time. He would take a bite from the left then the right hand. reminded me of myself when I was younger. This yearly trip was also a family tradition in my family and I remember sampling all the apples as we walked around filling up our bushel baskets. Those were such great memories and when I see my kids repeating the cycle it just brings me back to my childhood. This first year was not only Nicholas’s at the orchard, It was my husband Eric’s as well. I don’t think he was all that interested in going at first, not to mention dragging a one year old out to the unknown world of how will this child behave. But I think this proved to be a wonderful experience had by all. We now have gone every year since then to pick apples and pumpkins, and of course as mentioned eat all the delicious food!

My sweet little apple

My little baby looking like Elmer Fudd in his hat. This year was Noah’s second year at the orchard, but I think we will call it his first. He just turned one and he was able to experience all the glory had by the apple isles by walking around as his big brother did a couple of years ago, what a big boy he thought he was. Noah had so much fun, If I had let him he would have been filthy playing in the dirt where all the apples landed from their fall and the muddy pumpkin patch.  Noah wasn’t two-fisted like brother was that first year, but he certainly enjoyed picking an apple, taking a bite then moving on to another apple, oh and he loved the high grass in the isles, he kept swatting and pulling at the high strands that tickled his chubby hands, silly boy.

My boy's

Here are my boys in the great pumpkin patch with their great pumpkin, I think Charlie Brown would be pleased. I can’t wait till we can dig out those seeds and bake them in butter and salt in the oven, this certainly is a tasty treat and something to look forward to. Do you bake your seeds in a special recipe? We will have to decide what carving to do on this beautiful pumpkin. Nicks suggestion was the Mystery Machine, with Scooby and the gang, sorry my son, I’m not that talented. Last year I did Linus and his great pumpkin from Charlie Brown, and that turned out really cute. I think the year before I did a ghost. I will have to start putting some thought into this pumpkin.

This time of year is so much fun and I hope everyone enjoys their fall weather and has a happy Halloween!

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