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Fight For Your WRITE!

So I don’t mean fight for your right, as in to party like the Beastie Boys so perfectly sang. No, I mean fight for your “write”. Fight for your time to write, to be creative, and to thrive in your talents. Fight for your freedom of speech, for the things you want to say and share with the world.

Fighting for “my personal time” after working a 40+ hours a week accounting job and coming home to my loving family whom I want to spend the last hours of an evening with, it is a struggle to actually click my fingers along these very keys, shoot who am I kidding, just finding the energy or some quite alone time to even think some days to even pick up my computer to write is a struggle.

But I sit here looking out at the blustery weather today, while my 1.5 year old naps and my 4.5 year old quietly plays in the other room. And why not take this opportune time to write to my heart’s content you say? The damn TV sucked me in. It does it all the time. I decided to catch up on my DVR shows from the week that I have missed and I was sucked in bundled up on the cozy warm couch while I watched the flurries dance around outside my front windows, bleeding with cold air.

I knew this was my opportune prime time to click away, while I had a moment from, mom I’m thirsty, mom can you get me something to eat, mom Noah is climbing the table. The running back and forth from room to room making sure the house was still standing and chasing my very busy toddler around. So I very consciously fought against my lazy will and turned off the TV and grabbed the laptop. And here I sit for a brief moment of personal time as I hear the 4.5 year old fishing for something in the refrigerator. I’m waiting for him to ask for my help…wait here he is… Ok I’m back. It twas…a pudding snack, oh my!

I am happy for the brief 1/2 hour that I was able to type these thoughts out. I have been thinking about my Fight to write for days, and here it is. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s something. I hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear about your fight to write?

Have a blessed weekend!


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